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Dowaybio is your business partner that we provide 'turn-key' solutions to your problems.

We have available IVD products that can be brought directly through our websites, and the customized product industry design services can help you to tailor the products to your specific market. The product covers Smart Health Monitoring Products, Lab Consumbles, Major IVD platforms like Hematology, Biochemistry, immnuoassay, Microbiology, Molecular Diagnostics, Urinalysis, POCT and Lab on a Chip.

We provide product and OEM/ODE consulting services and worldwide logistics.


We have strong and deep industry design experience, in line with the design concept of "design idealism, originality", we focus on innovation and insist on doing the best design; We adhere to the original attitude and innovative thinking, focus on every detail of product design, to provide customers with efficient overall solutions. We put the pursuit of art into the design, not to the product innovation and exploration, to create unlimited value for customers.

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Dowaybio attended the first BRIGHTMD FAIR CHINA 2023

Shenzhen, known for its prowess in the high-performance medical device industry, is set to host another grand event this June. Under the guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, the 2023 Shenzhen International High-Performance Medical Device Exhibition (referred to as the "Exhibition") takes place from June 8th to June 10th at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian).

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Can I get demo samples from you?

Yes, you can write up an email to us at info@dowaybio.com and we will reply to you with our sample package info.

Do you keep a stock of reagents and supplies?

Yes, we do keep stock of Reagents(subject to shelf life) and supplies locally, please contact us on info@dowaybio.com with your requirement.

Can I download a catalogue from your website?

We don’t provide a downloadable catalogue as products are updated and new products are introduced frequently. Our online catalogue is updated daily and we also provide links to Manufacturer's websites are shown so that you can download the latest brochure. For details regarding prices, please email your enquiry to info@dowaybio.com

How can we place the order to the system

Products: Showcase Dowaybio's products, such as probiotics and plant-based meat alternatives.

Do you offer educational discount for students or educators.

Yes, We provide educational discounts for students and universities for research and study projects. please write email to us on info@dowaybio.com, we will send the coupon code to your university or instituion email address.

Do you provide application assistance for your customers?

Yes we provide a complete applications assistance for our customers through complete support from our instruments suppliers.

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