Customized Medical Device Design Service

Item number: DW-0001

We have strong and deep industry design experience, in line with the design concept of "design idealism, originality", we focus on innovation and insist on doing the best design; We adhere to the original attitude and innovative thinking, focus on every detail of product design, to provide customers with efficient overall solutions. We put the pursuit of art into the design, not to the product innovation and exploration, to create unlimited value for customers.

Doway x Ingenuity

Dowaybio works with the Shenzhen Local Design Team Ingenuity 

We deliver Product Design works to our clients in IVD / Life Support / Imaging / Home Healthcare and Rehabilitation & Therapy.


    In Vitro Dignostics

    • IFA- Immumo Fluorescence Analyzer
    • PCR Analyzer
    • Food Safety Analyzer
    • Auto BioChemistry Analyzer
    • CLIA

    Patient  Monitoring & Life Support

    • Patien Monitor
    • Oxygen Finger Clapper
    • Ventilator
    • Syringe Pump
    • Infusion Management
    • Infant Incubator

    Medical Imaging System

    • Ultrasound System
      • Stands 
      • Laptop


    Home Healthcare

    • Infrared Thermometer
    • Nebulizer
    • Blood Glucose Meter

    Rehabilitation & Therapy

    • Boson Therapy Machine
    • Sleep CPAP
    • Laser Therapy Machine
    • Dialysis Machine